Emily Lemons
Emily Lemons began her training at Sawnee School of Ballet, where she joined the Sawnee Ballet Theatre in 2006 and stayed until 2012. After graduating from high school, Emily received talent and academic scholarships to attend the Brenau University Department of Dance. While there, she was able to train under several resident and guest artists including Carol Teitelbaum, Tara Lee, Peter Swan, Kassandra Taylor Newberry and Diane Callahan among others. While at Brenau, Emily spent two years as an assistant teacher at the Gainesville School of Ballet as a part of the teaching practicum program, unique to Brenau’s Department of Dance. Emily graduated Cum Laude from Brenau University with a Bachelor of Arts in Dance Studies in 2016 and is now teaching creative movement and dance in the Atlanta area while pursuing her STOTT PILATES® certification.