Our Guild

The Gwinnett Ballet Theatre Guild, a group of energetic volunteers, supports and empowers the endeavors of the Gwinnett Ballet Theatre. This group includes GBT parents, family, and members of the community dedicated to supporting the arts. The success of Gwinnett Ballet Theatre is due in large part to the Guild’s hard work and dedication.


The Gwinnett Ballet Theatre Guild provides financial and volunteer support to the GBT School and Company. Guild support comes in the form of fund-raising activities and production assistance, as well as other activities necessary for the growth of GBT.

Guild Membership

Parents of dancers, school patrons and members of the community are invited to become members of The Gwinnett Ballet Theatre Guild with a $10 membership fee.
Click here to receive information on joining the Guild.

THE GBTique…

Greeting visitors as they enter the studio, the GBTique is a “unique boutique” filled with all types of dance apparel, GBT logo wear, gifts, snacks, and curriculum needs. Operating hours parallel class schedules. Students and parents alike find this a wonderful resource for not only needed items but gift ideas as well.

Guild Fund-raisers

Nutcracker Boutique: Sells Nutcracker-themed and holiday gifts during performances of “The Nutcracker”. This boutique is located in the lobby at the Performing Arts Center.

Dance Connection: This program sponsors fun activities during the year for young dancers to get to know older dancers.

For volunteer opportunities within the Guild, click on Donors & Volunteers from the GBT web page.


Steve & Wendy Adams

Yveline Andre

Christi Babaz

Valton & Deborah Barrett

Michael & Yoki Billingslea

Bryan & Katy Bockhop

Heather Bodden

John & Christine Boyd

Jeff & Julie Brown

Herman & Lisa Bunn

Lisa Burkes

Tom & Missy Burnam

Richard & Holley Calmes

Irma Celidon

Lee & Lisa Collier

Priscilla Crane

Leonard & Dawn Diprima

Tyrone & Kari Dotson

Hayden & Kathi Eastman

Don & Tammy Fleming

Phil & April Fortson

Paul & Gail Frangoulis

Lillian Freeman

Belinda Daniel Gay

Pievette Georges

Stephanie Gilbert

Susan Haglund

Joe Hoyle & Suzie Ellis-Hoyle

Harvey & Donna Sue Jones

Blake & Jennifer Mantan

Tamora Martin

Lorca Melidor

Timmy & Kim Morrow

Scot & Elizabeth Nair

Hernando & Marybel Orozco

Paul & Kris Pappafotis

Michael Parker

Chase & Margie Peden

Chris & Ashley Phillips

Polakowski Family

Jesse & Tracy Salas

Ted & Christine Scartz

Jack & Jennifer Silas

Jennifer Smith

Lloyd & Teresa Snyder

Denise Stewart

Sonia Tschernenko

Barbara Wagner

Everett & Amy Ward

John & Lee West

Clay & Karen Whitehead

Mike & Trisha Whitley

Valencia Williams

Barry & Stacey Wolf

Jennifer Wright