The Pre-Academic Division

Creative Movement is designed as an introduction to dance for the youngest dancer.

Creative Movement (ages 3-4) – This class was designed for our youngest students and focuses on rhythmic skills, following directions and taking turns.

Pre-Primary Ballet (age 5) – This class in an introduction to musicality and structure.

Primary (age 6) – Children in this class will be introduced to ballet skills.

The Academic Division

The Academic Division, beginning at age 7, provides continued dance training in a rigorously structured environment.  All students are placed in the appropriate level at the discretion of the faculty and the artistic director.  All ballet classes are mandatory.  Starting at Level III, female students will receive instruction en pointe during ballet class.

Jazz, Modern, Hip Hop, and Musical Theatre classes are optional, but are included in the tuition for each level.

A placement class is required to be placed in levels III and above.

Levels I & II – Includes two mandatory ballet classes and an optional jazz class.

Level III (beginning pointe) – This class includes more ballet classes and optional jazz/musical theater, modern, and hip hop classes.  In the Fall, students will be fitted for pointe shoes.  Students and their parents will receive instruction on how to properly sew and care for their pointe shoes.  During class, students will gradually spend more and more time learning to dance en pointe while continuing to strengthen their feet and ankles.

Level IV – This level finds students studying more ballet during the week along with optional classes for modern, jazz, and hip hop, as well as an opportunity to join the Youth Performance Division in the Fall, Spring, or both.

Level V – This class is preparation for the Apprentice Level.  Includes Ballet Monday through Saturday, as well as optional Modern, Jazz, and Hip Hop.  Students in this level have to opportunity to join the Youth Performance Division in the Fall and Spring for additional performance opportunities.

Apprentice Level – This level is preparation for the Performance Division.  Includes an advanced level of Ballet, Jazz, and Modern per week.  One Hip Hop class is optional.  Students will also have additional rehearsal time for productions.  Apprentice students are invited to join the Youth Performance Division which may include choreography opportunities.  Students must be strong en pointe to be placed in this level.  Students in this level may be invited to participate in the Fall and/or Spring performances.  An audition is required to be placed in this level.

Performance Division – This is our highest level.  Dancers in this level must be 14 years or older.   Classes concentrate on theatrical performance.  Additional rehearsal hours are included in the program. Entrance is by invitation only.  Includes advanced level Ballet, Jazz, and Modern classes each week.  A Hip Hop class is optional.  Students are expected to participate in both the Fall and Spring performances, as well as The Nutcracker.

Open Division Classes – The Open Division is for students (ages 10+) who do not wish to enroll in the full Academic Program.  Classes included in the Open Division are Jazz, Hip Hop, Modern and Teen/Adult Ballet.